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Academy Brushware was founded in 1953 by an industrious Italian national seeking new challenges in South Africa to Invest his personal knowledge in the brush trade gained from a family business and history spanning several decades.

Always looking for new challenges, the Company qualified to become an accredited user of the SABS – ISO9001 Quality Standards business concept but after a few years eventually realized that the international AJAUKAS ISO Standards held more promise for exposure to the markets globally, applied and won accreditation as a user to this quality system in February 2003.The company is currently also being recognized as the top ranking brushmaking establishment in the Republic of South Africa.

The company produce and distribute a complete range of painting utensils and tools, eg. from the traditional flat type paint brush, blockbrushes, sash tools, lining fitches, etc. to a very substantial paint roller range offering a wide choice of fabric application for various purposes.

In addition they also manufacture a wide choice of brooms, from domestic use to industrial purposes, scrubbs, shoe, banister and affiliated domestic brushes, like bottle brushes and sanitary brushes, mops, rakes, etc., the range so very diverse and sure to offer something to satisfy all needs and demands of the end-users in the marketplace.


• General Brushware
• Sand Paper
• Paint Brushes
• Decorative Range

• Accessories
• Paint Rollers
• Contractors Range
• Hygiene Range

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