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A subsidiary of the MATERIS Group, CHRYSO is a major world player and leader in its Markets. MATERIS, one of the
world’s leading manufacturers of speciality chemicals for the construction industry, is composed of four divisions:
• Admixtures
• Aluminates
• Mortars
• Paints

Chryso Admixture Selection
Chemical-Resistant Concrete
Cold Weather Concrete
Coloured Concrete
Congested Steel ReinforcementDeep Lifts (High Workability Concrete)
Congested Steel Reinforcement
Deep Lifts (High Workability Concrete)
Early Striking Formwork
Fibre Concrete
Flowing ConcretFlowing Concrete
Flooring Concrete
Foamed Concrete And Low Density Fill Materials
High Strength Concrete
Hot Weather Concrete
Large Concrete Pours

Light Weight Aggregate Concrete
Marine Concrete
Pavement Quality Concrete
Piling Concrete
Precast ConcretePumped Concrete
Retarded Ready-To-Use Mortars
Roller-Compacted Concrete
Self Compacting Concrete
Slipformed ConcreteUnderwater Concrete
Sprayed Concrete
Shotcrete Products

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