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Paintchem is one of South Africa’s leading privately owned companies, focusing on the development and manufacturing of a diversified line of :-

  • Automotive Coatings; Industrial Coatings; Wood Coatings and Decorative Coatings

Paintchem started in 1987 in the field of Automotive coatings for the motor industry and has progressively diversified its activities in the fields of Industrial, Wood and now Decorative coatings. Paintchem has a highly qualified and experienced research, development and manufacturing team who are able to produce quality products to meet the demands of the panel beating and spray painting industry.

Our automated reactors and state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment supply the means of obtaining and
upholding quality standards and ensure a high level of product flexibility. With over 150 staff, a well-developed
network of distribution centers in Gauteng, Bloemfontein and Cape Town, PE & Nelspruit; Paintchem’s brands are
used and appreciated all over Africa.

          • Primers

           • Quick-Dry Enamels & Air-Dry Enamels
          • Polyurethane Enamels 9:1

           •Direct-to-Metal Coatings
          • Road Marking Paints

           • Drum Linings
          • Stoving Enamels


          • Acid-Catalysed Lacquers

          • Non-Yellowing Lacquers

          • Furncoat Lacquers

          • Glasscoat PU, Precat Lacquers

          • Waterbased Lacquers


Paintchem is able to offer the car repairer a full range of Bodyfillers and Primers; including Lightweight and conventional bodyfillers to specialized Primers for Galvanized Metal substrates as well as standard 2K Primers.

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